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In the mid-1970s, the two main helicopter design bureaus of the USSR began working on projects of promising attack helicopters in parallel. The Kamov Design Bureau worked on the future Ka-50, and the Mil Design Bureau designed the Mi-28. November 10, 1982 - the first flight of the Mi-28 attack helicopter.

The Mi-28 is a single-rotor helicopter with a tail rotor and an auxiliary wing. The two-seat cockpit of the pilot and navigator operator is armored. Unlike the Mi-24, the new helicopter does not have an amphibious cargo cabin. The Mi-28N version is equipped with 2 ? VK-2500-02 turboshaft engines (2200 hp), the maximum speed is 300 km/ h, the flight range is 450 km. Armament ? 30 mm 2A42 cannon + up to 2300 kg of combat load on 4 suspension points.

Testing, refinement and elimination of the helicopter's shortcomings took a lot of time. Only in 1996, a modification of the Mi-28N "Night Hunter" was developed, which was adopted by the Russian Aerospace Forces in 2013. The Mi-28N is also in service with the Iraqi and Algerian Air Forces.


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