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Lior? et Olivier LeO H-43


In 1933, the French Navy announced a competition for the development of a seaplane for operation in coastal waters. It was to be operated both from coastal bases and launched from shipboard catapults. Among the 5 projects submitted for the competition was the LeO H-43 seaplane from Lior? et Olivier. December 4, 1934 - the first flight of the Lior? et Olivier LeO H-43 reconnaissance seaplane.

LeO H-43 was a 3-5-seat medium-sized plane with a float non-retractable landing gear. It was equipped with a 650 hp Hispano-Suiza 9Vb engine. The armament consisted of 2 ? 7.5 mm machine guns + up to 150 kg of bombs.

Based on the results of the tests, the commission chose a seaplane from Lior? et Olivier, taking into account further improvements. This process was delayed ? the first pre-production copy was ready only in July 1939, and only in February 1940 the aircraft began to enter service with squadrons. By this time, the Leah-43 was obsolete, so only 21 seaplanes were built.


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