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While the British had already used torpedo bombers, the Russian Empire fleet did not have a single such aircraft. In 1916, the naval officer I. I. Golenishchev-Kutuzov proposed his project of a torpedo-carrying seaplane. Due to lack of experience, he attracted the designers of the aviation plant S. S. Shchetinin — M. M. Shishmarev and D. P. Grigorovich to the GASN (special-purpose hydroaeroplane) project.

It was an all-wood float biplane with 2 × Rolls-Royce (250 hp) or Renault WC (220 hp) engines, the maximum speed was 120 km/h, there was enough fuel for 7 hours of flight. Armament — 450-kg torpedo or up to 480 kg bombs + 2 machine guns. September 6 (August 24, old style), 1917 — the first flight of the GASN torpedo bomber.

Tests revealed a weakness in the design of the floats and work on the project was suspended. In 1921, Grigorovich restored the GASN, but in the first test flight, the plane makes an emergency landing due to a motor stop. This time, they did not restore it.