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Fouga 90
« on: August 20, 2021, 04:37:37 PM »
One of the first successful jet training aircraft was the Fouga SEE 170 Magister. In 1967, Aérospatiale absorbed the Potez company (which had previously absorbed Fouga). After the takeover, the company thought about upgrading SEE 170 Magister. The updated aircraft received the designation Fouga 90.

The Fouga 90, although it remained a two-seat mid-plane with a V - shaped tail, looked very different from the CM.170. The fuselage, cockpit and wing were redesigned. It was equipped with 2 × Turbomeca Astafan IIG engines with a thrust of 7 kN. The maximum speed is 640 km / h, the flight range is 1850 km. Armament — 2 × 20 mm guns (in the project) + up to 800 kg of combat load on 4 suspension points.

The Fouga 90 showed good flight characteristics and was demonstrated at exhibitions. But it was not put into mass production — the Air Forces of France and other countries preferred other aircraft. Only one sample of the Fouga 90 was built.