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Title: Dornier Do Y
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In 1930, Dornier Flugzeugwerke and designer Claude Dornier began work on a new aircraft. It was conceived as a further development of the Do P bomber . Due to the limitations of the Versailles Peace Treaty, the aircraft was presented as a transport. But the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, which was looking for bombers for its Air Force, became interested in the project. So the plane got its designation - Do Y (Y ? Yougoslavie). October 17 , 1931 - the first flight of the Dornier Do Y bomber .

It was an incongruous all-metal high-wing with a non-retractable landing gear. 2 = Gnome-Rh?ne 9Kers engines (600 hp) were installed in the wing nacelles, another one was placed on top of the fuselage. The maximum speed is 300 km/h, the flight range is 1500 km. Armament ? 5 ? 7.7 mm machine guns + 1.2 tons of bombs.

In total , 4 Do Y bombers were built . They were in service with the Royal Yugoslav Air Force until 1939. Later they were converted into transport aircraft.