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Antonov AN-74
« on: September 29, 2021, 08:46:08 PM »
In 1982, the Antonov Design Bureau began work on a specialized version of the AN-72 for use in the Arctic and Antarctic. The modified aircraft received the designation AN-72A ("Arctic"). A year later, the name of the project was officially changed to AN-74. September 29, 1983 - the first flight of the AN-74 transport aircraft.

Like its predecessor, the AN-74 was a high-wing aircraft with a T-shaped tail. 2 ? D-36 engines with a thrust of 63.7 kN are installed above the wing to increase lift due to the Coanda effect. It differed from the AN-72 with a more powerful auxiliary power plant, larger tanks, an anti-icing wing system, etc. It took on board up to 10 passengers or 5000 kg of cargo. Cruising speed - 700 km / h, flight range - 4150 km.

After successfully passing the tests, the AN-74 was put into serial production. 81 aircraft were produced (the last one was in 2013). More than 50 of them are currently in operation in Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Iran, etc.