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Happy 100th Birthday! Col. Bud Anderson turns 100 years old today. Flying "Old Crow", his P-51D Mustang he became a triple ace during WWII with 16+ kills to his credit. He is the highest scoring living American fighter ace.

With the tail raised and the stops placed under the wheels, there is a prototype of the Fokker B.II fighter (aka Fokker M 10 Z). Austria Hungary, Stanislav (today - Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine), spring 1916. The picture was taken during field tests of the aircraft by the Air Force of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Judging by the pilot sitting in the cockpit in his usual uniform and the engine not running, I assume that the synchronized 7.92 mm Bergmann LMG 15nA machine gun was being tested.

Interestingly, the aircraft with b/n 03.61 was the second prototype of the Fokker M 10. If the first one was a two-seat reconnaissance/training aircraft, then our Fokker was a single-seat fighter. The differences also affected the design of the wings ? on the double wings, two pairs of racks were connected on each side, but on the single version only one pair. After the tests, Austria-Hungary ordered 22 aircraft of this type from Fokker-Flugzeugwerke. All of them were delivered without weapons and were used for training.


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