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Title: Actualización y Despliegue a la III Brigada Aérea
Post by: No.1 on September 10, 2008, 12:13:33 AM

Actualizamos el sitio con el Artículo nuevo dedicado al acto por los 30 años del Escuadrón Dagger en la Fuerza Aérea Argentina. El mismo lo pueden encontrar en el menú Artículos de la izquierda.

[hope that somebody could translate info about this anniversary]


Title: Re: Actualización y Despliegue a la III Brigada Aérea
Post by: javier_planells on September 10, 2008, 12:35:45 AM
It's gonna take some time, but let me translate it for you. Just the part on the anniversary or the whole thing? It's the same to me. The photos by Hernan Casciani are very good.

Had it not been for Hernan's dad and a few more fellows, many (and I mean MANY) pictures that are lost today from the National Archives, would be available for public, non private research. But, of course, burglers and thieves have their share of guilt as much as the person who let's them steal without doing nothing about it.

I'll get the translation ready for you tomorrow i think.

Take care,

Title: Re: Actualización y Despliegue a la III Brigada Aérea
Post by: No.1 on September 10, 2008, 12:59:23 AM
Thank you mate- make the text in short note, no need to bother your self with long writings ;)
Title: Re: Actualización y Despliegue a la III Brigada Aérea
Post by: javier_planells on September 10, 2008, 01:07:42 AM
Actually, I used an automatic translator wich worked out quite well and the translation is already done. Sorry about the bitter message before, but i know those people and they're not much to my liking. I guess they think the same! :-tri

The translation:

 09/09/2008 - Updating and Deployment to the Third Brigade Air

We update the site with New item devoted to act by age 30 Squadron of the Air Force Dagger in Argentina.The same can be found in the Articles menu on the left.

Another article devoted to First Lieutenant Mark Peretti, with a few new photos.

Furthermore, thanks to Hernan friend of the house "Red" Casciani, we have some new photos of the deployment that took place during the last week of the Mirage III Aviation Brigade along with A-4AR and local IA-58 as part of Pucara Exercise "Pre-Crusex"

30/08/2008 - 30 Aniversario del Escuadrón Dagger 30/08/2008 - Anniversary of 30 Squadron Dagger

The initial contract for 26 aircraft was signed on August 10, 1978.They were all former Mirage aircraft V Hey'l has Avira (Israeli Defence Force), more precisely manufactured by IAI with the parties released by Dassault and which Israel received in the name of Nesher.

On August 28, 1978, and the date which was commemorated in this new anniversary, establishing the Dagger Squadron (name the aircraft would have in Argentina). From that moment was born on Squadron during the Falklands War would find its baptism of fire, leaving forever as custodians of our islands to 5 of its members.

Primer Teniente José Leonidas Ardiles -  01 de Mayo de 1982 – Mirage V Dagger C-433
First Lieutenant Jose Leonidas Ardiles - May 01, 1982 - Mirage V Dagger C-433

Teniente Pedro Ignacio Bean  - 21 de Mayo de 1982 Mirage V Dagger C-428
Lt. Pedro Ignacio Bean - May 21, 1982 Mirage V Dagger C-428

Teniente Héctor Ricardo Volponi   - 23 de Mayo de 1982 - Mirage V Dagger C-437
Lt. Hector Ricardo Volponi - May 23, 1982 - Mirage V Dagger C-437

Primer Teniente Carlos Julio Castillo - 24 de Mayo de 1982 - Mirage V Dagger C-419
First Lt. Carlos Julio Castillo - May 24, 1982 - Mirage V Dagger C-419

Teniente Juan Domingo Bernhardt  - 29 de Mayo de 1982 - Mirage V Dagger C-436
Lieutenant Juan Domingo Bernhardt - May 29, 1982 - Mirage V Dagger C-436

Before the war had been conducted studies for an update on those planes, even blow up the prototype of what then was known as Project SINT. After the war, were updating the rest of the fleet as Dagger entering Inspection. This "new" plane, received the name of the Finger and today maintains its presence in the Squadron I of the VI Air Brigade.

Members of the first Squadron Dagger, in Israel.

With the Dagger fulfilling 30 years and Mirage IIIEA reaching the 36 years coincidentally tomorrow (August 31, 1972 delivered on the Mirage IIIEA the commission Argentina in France), it becomes clear that a replacement is needed. During the ceremony the chief of general staff of the Air Force, Brigadier General D. Normando Constantino, clarified that Mirage will remain in flight until at least 2012, the date for which should be reaching his replacement. We know that the planes received the Brigade will not be based on merits, if not in political power that decides who is on duty at the time of decision. Let us hope that those responsible have matured enough to realize that this is not a war where it is trying to destroy an enemy, but country that has and should come forward in all areas, including that of their FFA.

Lieutenant Sebastian Ardiles, carrying the most beautiful of all.

Update dedicated to all personnel who spent some time in the Squadron and were commissioned and responsible for keeping alive to this day it was learned that the glory win during the Falklands War.

The planes were on static display during the event.

Special thanks to Christian "Billy_z" Zambruno by adjusting shields and Luciano "Basque" Cazaux, who is the author of the following:

There are many different opinions and well. They will be those who say that celebrates three decades of a Weapon System is a disgrace. They will also be those who regret at seeing Air Force equipped with the old MIII and MV. They will be those who want to go and those who are protesting inside.

In all understand and we are all a little agreement. But we can not help but be proud of our Air Force. For the Ardiles, Bean, Castillo, Bernhardt and Volponi no longer. For Isaac, Perona, Aguirre Faget, Diaz, Piuma and many others whom we can still shake hands while thinking they are heroes, who are the ones who can sing tears of pride that says that "… jure or die with glory ". For the GT6 wizards that make operating these aircraft continue to whom we prefer to call Warriors of Thousand Battles. And for all that you put bullets in the chest, not loosen, which continue making the giant will not fall.

Because ultimately, yes yes, call us romantics, but if the situation is stretched until 2012, before looking at the floor in sadness, look to the sky.

Anyone who tells them around the surprised a ATAR engine pushing the most beautiful triangle than can be created, old or young, not interested. In short… is a Mirage!
20/08/2008 - Monografia Fuerza Aérea Nº 15 20/08/2008 - Monografia Air Force No. 15

A few weeks ago that this new monograph available by Nuñez Padin, dedicated to IIICJ Mirage and Mirage IIIEA in the Air Force Argentina. It covers the purchase, through the operation during Malvinas, a detailed description of each aircraft, until now both models. This new edition has a special seasoning for the site as well as the logo appear the same in the acknowledgements, we collaborate with some photos taken by us and with some profiles of Christian "Billy" Zambruno, responsible for the graphical site.

Edición: Junio 2008. Edition: June 2008. Décimo quinto titulo de la Serie Fuerza Aérea. Tenth fifth title of the series Air Force. ISBN 978-987-20557-3-8. ISBN 978-987-20557-3-8.
Author: Jorge F. Nuñez Padin
Perfiles color: Realizados por Christian Zambruno y Guillermo Landa. Color Profiles: Made by Christian Zambruno and Guillermo Landa. Incluyen I-011,I-017,I-018,C-703 y C-704. They include I-011, I-017, I-018, C-703 and C-704.

13/08/2008 - Dia de la Fuerza Aérea Argentina 13/08/2008 - Day of the Air Force Argentina

On Sunday, August 10 Air Force Argentina feast 96 years of existence. Perhaps at its worst moment since its inception, where the lack of foresight and investment by the successive governments are leaving in a state which will be increasingly difficult to recover. Today, the Air Force is kept alive only by love, passion and dedication that you put each of the men and women who comprise it.

But unfortunately, we need more than love and dedication to fly. They need spare parts, fuel, repairs and a huge list of things that do not depend on people, if not the Government of turn. Some might say it's easy to lay blame about the responsibilities. But when you cut every year a little more money, you raise unattainable goals, you invent long-term projects that the agency itself that the proposed does not comply with what has been agreed, you linings permanently by a government that openly shows its hatred and contempt the FFA, not many culprits for searching.

There is little that we can do from the site, rather than say thanks to all men and women who form and formed part of the most glorious institution that has had and Argentina. It will not be much, but behind you there is a lot more people to imagine "doing endurance" he feels the roar of engines as music and that it hurts the soul every time you go ashore.

On a more personal and related to the site, to the entire staff of the Sixth Brigade Air we thank. From those preparing food, passing by maintaining the base, bearing the legal paperwork, doctors, volunteers, gunners, pilots, soldiers and anyone who works for the Brigade go ahead as possible, until passing storm.
06/08/2008 - Nueva Actualización! 06/08/2008 - New Update!

On this occasion we have 20 new photos, which will be able to see the flight of acceptance of a Mirage VF Finger in Rio Cuarto recently emerged from a BWI, Luis "tucu" Cervera (veteran of the Falklands War, where he flew A-4B) lowering its IIIEA Mirage, the Mirage IIIEA's 25 anniversary in Rio Cuarto and recently finished painting a beautiful picture of the Mirage VP shortly after arriving at the country operating in the south.

Thanks to Luis Cervera, Lucho Casaux, Marcos Gauna, Alfredo Garate ya Pedro Perez de www.avionesargentinos.8m.com for your collaborations!

In this week arrived at the 150,000 visits, which is not so little boy for a site like ours! To all those who collaborated and collaborate permanently, thanks!
15/07/2008 - Historias Fotográficas 15/07/2008 - Stories Photographic

From Friday that the activity at the base was intense. The Mirage 5 Squadron I was preparing to perform one of its annual deployments Reconquista International Airport as part of its commitment in caring for the country's northern border, in this case framed within the operating Pulqui II. One of the Mirage VA Mara had a small problem in transferring one of its auxiliary tanks, so a group of technicians from the Technical Group 6 is devoted a large part of the morning to check and repair it with a fixed point that everything worked as it should.

On Saturday, and with all aircraft in the flight line, the deployment had been found to be suspended by the low minimum operating base. We waited all morning, but the fog still present towards noon had given land to any attempt to operate that day. Literally visibility was not more than 10 meters ahead.

Finally on Sunday, July 2, 2006, conditions had been given to carry out the deployment. About 13:00 after lunch, the pilots began to reach their planes while one C-130 expected in other platforms to the technicians who addressed once all the Mirage were in the air. The first section in launching consisted of a Mirage VA Mara, a Mirage VF Finger and a two-seater Mirage V Dagger. Liftoff for the 01 trouble-free, leaving the platform in the second section comprises a Mirage VA Mara and a Mirage VF Finger, the first off while they were conducting the launch.

The Mara began taxing, passed at the height of the Civil Aerodrome, is behind us hear the characteristic sound of an engine tie that fell and cut engine revolutions. We were all on one end of the platform beside the green house and was impressive to see how all mechanical, regardless of their specialty, ran towards the Finger just cut the engine. It was the same image that is in a place where the father runs to the rescue of a child who just fall in its infancy. With this love and dedication the staff of the Technical Group 6 ran to assist his plane.

While Mara was returning to his position on the platform, technicians put down to work. It is worth noting that among all of them had female staff working on the plane. Fifteen minutes later, the problem was solved and Mara restart its Taxing due to the header, this time followed by the Finger. In the platform and silent, remained a Finger and a Dagger that had been put to use in case of irreparable fault in any of the other aircraft, while the C-130 carried out the launch on the other side of the tower to follow the same that the path towards Mirage Reconquista.

Photo dedicated to all staff of the Technical Group 6 by love, dedication and hours that you put to aircraft despite his years, are safe flight.

The photo is of the year 1985, close to April 2, and was taken at the Eighth Brigade Air Moreno in the Province of Buenos Aires. After a demonstration during the Open Day, the then Captain Hector Hugo Sanchez lower its Mirage IIIEA playing the blind, for amusement of all present.

Agradecimientos: Acknowledgments:
Daniel Blanco Daniel White
Luís Cervera Luis Cervera

That's all folks.

Take care,

Title: Re: Actualización y Despliegue a la III Brigada Aérea
Post by: mfg495 on September 10, 2008, 08:40:15 AM
Great work javier, thanks for taking the time  :-clap
Title: Re: Actualización y Despliegue a la III Brigada Aérea
Post by: No.1 on September 10, 2008, 09:13:26 AM
Great info Javier :) Thank you for time ;)