For extra details, Brassin products from Eduard work the best and they don’t miss the chance to deliver some of these products for brand new kits. From my point of view, the best are those for their own kits and here we have presented Brassin for the Fw 190A cockpit.

Brassin 1/72 cockpit for Fw 190A

Brassin 1/72 cockpit for Fw 190A

Here is presented as a model build 672096 but others also have similar features. As seen on photos, it comes in a plastic transparent box, scale is 1/72 and it is dedicated for the Eduard kit of the Fw 190A-5. The contents present resin parts, photo etched parts and instruction leaflets. Most of the resin parts need to be painted with RLM 66 color, just some are different in details (like the pilot control stick). I use a small razor saw to cut the resin parts and cyanoacrylate cement to fix them together. No special note and work tips here, this set demands some time in work and care, but not extra care.

To put the assembled section in the fuselage, there is a need to remove plastic fences which are used to hold the original plastic cockpit. These parts simply need to be cut, area sanded, painted and they are ready to house the Brassin cockpit. The entire work does not demand much time, maybe a few hours in total and the result is the top possible. Here is presented set 672096 and you also have another one, 672081, which is for the Fw 190A-8. They look the same, working with it is the same, the difference is in details.

Excellent products and warmly reccomend it and big thanks to Eduard for sample product!

Srecko Bradic